Just a random blog post UPDATEEESzsss

Hey everybody! I know I've not been interacting enough, so today (more like tonight) , I just wanted to show a few things, including a new look, a sketch, a preview of a review(wha?) and haul items from my short trip to London.

Ok, let's start with the look. Today I entered makeupbee.com's prom dress inspired contest. Please if you are on makeupbee and you like this look, i would really appreciate if you'd press the heart button.

Link here:

Here are the items from the London mini haul. Is anyone interested in a review? This is mostly Bourjois and Sleek make-up, I didn't really have time to go to the stores, but I really love every item (forgot to put Sleek's pout polish in pic). Btw in the front - empty Muji cases (finally got my dream palettes to put cream products in) :D

Hopefully by the end of the week I am going to post a review for this adorable Sweetpea & Fay cosmetics company. This stuff is amazing, so stay tuned for that! ;)

Last but not least - I will be doing this look in future (hopefully for my favourite artists inspired series). It originally was created for The Makeupshow LA contest, where I got in the TOP 20 and I was exibited in The Makeupshow LA event, but unfortunately wasn't picked as a winner( didn't know that it was a copy-drawing contest lol ).
Ahwell I really like this design so one day I am going to do a tutorial on it ;)

I think this was not a lot of info to get in , considering I am posting once two weeks lol Let's just hope that I'll update more frequently..Let's hope lol ;D 


  1. oi, segui meu blog tambem! bjos

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  3. I'm so excited to have found you on Youtube! I'm a natural red head too and it's so hard to find pretty makeup looks for us fair redheaded girls! Love your tutorials!