Fall trends 2012 inspiration make-up

I recently played around with colors and techniques inspired by 2012 Fall make-up and fashion trends. I really love this season's mulberry mouths and wide range of  bordeaux and plum colors. I created two looks - First one is very sophisticated and mysterious look with fresh and dewy skin, as in this season it's all about the freshness and natural radiance of it. I accentuated my freckles even more.

Second look is more graphic.Thick full eyebrows and mesmerizing multi-colored touch of shadows make this and exellent dramatic fashion fantasy eye make-up. 

Inspirations :

Mesmerizing multi-toned eyes

Mulberry mouths and fresh dewy skin

Strong defined or whispy brows.

Bridal make-up Sept 2012


Amazing news!

I just checked my e-mail and I am so amazed!! I have been picked out from hundreds of talented people to participate in Illamasqua's Distinction Awards in Make-up Artistry. Going to be judged by amazing artists like Alex Box and Pixiwoo sisters, it's just unbelievable!! I am freaked out right now. :D