New place&stuff

Hi everyone! I'll not be making videos for quite a while, because I just recently moved and everything's still in mess here.I still have to do some repair work in my apartment, so I am not able to film anything, but I am glad that I finally got my own place. 
Meanwhile.. I have done some make-up for shoots, and also make-up for my mom, for wedding. 

I was very happy how it came out. Lit cosmetics glitter in Beach baby on top, and it just looks amazing..I use it on myself daily quite often too..
That's it for now.. Going to upload new pictures from shoots as soon as I get them ;)


Chocolate swirls in a cocktail look

This look is inspired by  Shu uemura 135th autumn / winter 2012 mode make-up collection called Chocolat-donna. If you have makeupbee.com account, please like my look :))

*the inspiration

Not my nails, but I just love this gradient design/colors. Going to try something like this soon.


Bridal make-up / Līgavu make-up

*Very natural looking bridal make-up / Ļoti dabīgs līgavu grims

Just a recent job that I did on a bride. Just had 40-50 mins to do her make-up, but I did manage quite well I think. 

Viens no pēdējiem maniem darbiņiem. Grims bija jāpaspēj uzlikt 40-50 minūšu laikā, bija jāstrādā ātri, bet rezultāts , manuprāt, ļoti labs.


Two new looks with MUG eyeshadows

So here are the looks I created using eyeshadows from my previous post.

For these eyeshadows (the brights) I wanted to create something tropical.
Inner corner - Yellow brick road, Appletini in the middle part, Neptune and Dirty Martini as transition colors to Corrupt(black), blended out with Purple Rain (added a bit of Duchess).
Under the eye - Mandarine and tiny bit of Razzleberry.

For this look I wanted to create something very bronz-ish, dark, dramativ, seductive. So I put Corrupt on the outer corners, then went in with Mocha and Bada bing, in the middle part- Homecoming(my favourite shadow), in the inner corners - a tiny bit of cinderella mixed with yellow brick road.