Chocolate swirls in a cocktail look

This look is inspired by  Shu uemura 135th autumn / winter 2012 mode make-up collection called Chocolat-donna. If you have makeupbee.com account, please like my look :))

*the inspiration

Not my nails, but I just love this gradient design/colors. Going to try something like this soon.


Two new looks with MUG eyeshadows

So here are the looks I created using eyeshadows from my previous post.

For these eyeshadows (the brights) I wanted to create something tropical.
Inner corner - Yellow brick road, Appletini in the middle part, Neptune and Dirty Martini as transition colors to Corrupt(black), blended out with Purple Rain (added a bit of Duchess).
Under the eye - Mandarine and tiny bit of Razzleberry.

For this look I wanted to create something very bronz-ish, dark, dramativ, seductive. So I put Corrupt on the outer corners, then went in with Mocha and Bada bing, in the middle part- Homecoming(my favourite shadow), in the inner corners - a tiny bit of cinderella mixed with yellow brick road.