Color burst vol.3

This is the look that I did yesterday. It started with a simple make-up look using pink with tangerine , and then I went craayzeh and made it a tiny tiny bit more dramatic. :D


LOTN + preview

This was the make-up that I wore last friday, I wanted something kind of fun.

I love this NYX Round lipgloss Natural on bare lips. It looks so beautiful!

 And here is the preview of my harlequin look, that I will be uploading video of.


Looks with MUG eyeshadows

Here are the two looks I created using MUG eyeshadows.

Bronzed stealth. I used Vanilla Bean as a transition color, in the inner corner. Glamorous and Shimma Shimma on the middle part of the lid. Stealth and Peackock in the crease and outter corner. 

Sunrise with MUG. I used Duchess on the outter corner and inner corner. Transition color - Vanilla Bean. Razzleberry and chickadee on the middle of the lid. 

MUG makeup geek eyeshadow pan review

So, about 3 weeks ago Makeup geek contacted me, and asked me for some feedback on their website, as a gratitude for my feedback they let me choose 8 of their eyeshadow pans, which I was very exited about, because I've heard a lot good things about them! Got them yesterday in the mail, and so here is my review.

 Here is the packaging - which I absolutely love. It is very fun, with bright colors, and I just love how the pan is wrapped in cardboard, which is very convenient and much easier to take out and put back in, than ,for example , Mac refill pan packaging.

So, here are all the shadows that I got. Duchess, Peacock, Razzleberry, Chickadee, Shimma Shimma, Glamorous, Vanilla Bean and Stealth. 

In the first and second picture you can see the comparison between 
Mug and Mac pans. Mac pan is slightly smaller than MUG pan, and the MUG pan fits perfectly inside my BHcosmetics magnetized palette, which is awesome! 

In the 4th picture in the first row are my TOP 3 shadows, and then in the 3rd row- my least favourite ones.

Here are all the pan close-ups and the backs with titles.

Chickadee - pigmented matte yellow orange.

Stealth - the perfect warm gray color

Vanilla Bean - highlight, transition color. Matte light beige with slight sheen.

Glamourous - perfect metallic golden bronze shade. Very pigmented, smooth and shimmery. My favourite eyeshadow of all.

Shimma Shimma - very smooth, very shimmery.

Razzleberry - the true red with golden flex in it. So smooth, very blendable, just beautiful! My second favourite shade.

Duchess - matte medium purple. Very pigmented, beautiful color. Had a bit struggle blending this.

Peacock - matte teal blue, a bit chalky.

And here are the swatches:

Without a primer - just one touch

With Lime Crimer primer, without flash - in the daylight.

With Lime Crimer primer, with flash and all the names.

Longetivity - Great! Had my swatches on my hand and on my eyes for many hours, they didn't move anywhere. Mainly because of the indestructible Lime crime base. 4/5
Blendability - I will say 4/5, just because most of them blends amazing. Had a bit struggle between Chickadee and Duchess. Vanilla bean is pretty sheer, so you really have to pack it on.
Packaging - Love it. 5/5
Price/Value - Regularly 6$ (1.8G / 0.064 oz), which is a pretty good deal.
(half the price than MAC) 
Now the price on their website is $4.79, so hurry up and get those eyeshadows for a very reasonable price! 5/5
Texture - most of them are very creamy, smooth and soft. Pigmentation and quality is amazing. 4/5

I really recommend these to anyone who want eyeshadows that variate from neutrals to bright colors , made in variable finishes. (56 colors to choose from) 
Purchase HERE


Bourjois Paris Healthy Mix Concealer Review and Swatches

Bourjois - Healthy Mix Concealer #51 - http://a.chipp.us/r/kristianathe/81f8/

Hi everyone! I am back with another review - this time it's about Bourjois Paris Healthy Mix ConcealerI've heard many good things about this concealer, so as I went to my local drugstore, I was pleasantly suprised. The usual price would be something between 15 or 16$(for 10ml). This thingy is a bit cheaper in UK (7-8£), so I saw that there's 50% discount on it- in the end I got it for $ 7.50 only. Amazing!

Bourjois claims:
 "Bourjois’ new Healthy Mix fruit-therapy correcting concealer
 smoothes away dark circles and imperfections for a visibly rested and radiant look.
Apricot - radiance
Raspberry- micro-circulation
Melon - hydration
Its exquisite and glide-on formula blends onto the skin for a natural result, with no marks.
Available in 3 natural anti-dull complexion shades, to reboost the complexion's radiance.
And.. it's good for my skin:
· Moisturising
· Lets skin breathe, oil-free formula
· Dermatologically tested"

I agree. The feeling is very smooth and moisturizing, blendability is quite impressive!
I got it in shade #51 - light radiance. They offer only three shades - light, medium, dark.

 On my dark circles:

 Four little taps on the problem area:

I used a brush from Sigma Precision kit. First I evened the concealer out with tapping motions, then blended and tapped out with my fingertips, as it gave more natural appearance.

One layer wasn't enough, as I have very noticable, blue-ish dark circles.

 In this close-up picture you can see that concealer goes into the fine lines, but still it performs great!

I tried two layers. Came out better.

After two layers and a transluscent powder. The feeling -  It won't go anywhere, for at least 8 hours.

Overall: You have to put two layers. This didn't cover enough for me, but I like the lightness, consistency, moisturizing feeling of this. It has a bit of smell to it, but I don't mind any smells usually. 
I will be definitely trying this out for a whole day and will see how it stays on. 
Also you have to set it with the powder. It is pretty matt, but I just make it more bulletproof like that. This concealer is definitely great for summer!
 Longetivity - I am guesing. The feeling was that it won't go anywhere for at least 8 hours ( with my transluscent powder on) Will try that out and update. ;)
Blendability - It blends amazing. The best way- fingertips. You can also use beauty blender or a brush, but I find that with fingertips - it looks more natural. 4/5
Packaging - Very simple, nice packaging, nothing too fancy or special. I didn't like the way it goes out, the nozzle splashes out too much of the product. I would like it better if the nozzle would be like this: 3/5

Price/Value - In my opinion - great value!  The usual price - 15 or 16$(for 10ml). UK (7-8£). I got it for $ 7.50 only. Amazing! 5/5
Texture - very creamy, soft, blendable. Light coverage, I expected a bit more. 4/5