I did it

Sneak peek pictures:

Ok, as requested by many people on this blog, and also on makeupbee, I did a tutorial today - good news - it was so super easy and fast.
Going to edit and upload friday or saturday. STAY TUNED :)


Natural cut crease

Should I do a tutorial for this?(Without the stars)
This is a very old look I did almost 2 years ago!
PLEASE Tell me what you think in the comments


Summer haze

I guess I was inspired by the spring and summer- in every aspect in fashion...we see very bold colors and textures on the fabric patterns, even the make-up is bright and colorful. This make-up is my little escape from this winter.

There will be a video for this one, so stay tuned.


Spring, where are you???

I just cannot take this gloomy weather outside anymore, so I just wanted to post something very summery and fresh. This was a photoshoot that I did last summer, now I got the chance to post this. The model is my cousin! Hope you like this.



A quick, bold, easy look using only MAC HUMID eyeshadow, a tiny bit of highlight and UD black ZERO pencil.


Birthstone - Opal

This is just a tiny preview for my newest look, which will have a speedtorial video. This will be a contest entry :)
Inspired by my birthstone, which is Opal. I just love these iridescent colors.



Video is up now! Don't forget to LIKE my picture in this competition :)

New look + upcoming review

This is a sneak peak of my newest look which I call Color burst vol. 2, if you remember color burst #1 that I did recently, this is a continuation of the previous one. This is also an entry for www.makeupbee.com contest, so please VOTE (LIKE)
There will be a BEAUTIFUL video for this as I finally managed to get
some proper lighting and backround :)

Also, I received a package today from Madara cosmetics, which is a new eco - cosmetics company , so I will try their products and a do a review, as I see that there are more of you than before :) some maybe actually interested in reading this.. :D

*There's actually nothing that significant I can say about these products, so I won't do a review