Make-up sketch types.Figuring out your make-up design. Sketching your make-up design. Tips and techniques.

I have had a few questions about how I figure out my designs and sketch them. So here's the two-part video/tutorial (2 videos) talking about it and showing how to do it yourself, not using already premade face charts.

So, here's the two videos. Now I am going to sleep because I have a long day ahead tomorrow. Exited to shoot some ''cool'' make-ups. :P)) hehe


Festive Christmas New Years make-up tutorial / Gold and black metallic look

I forgot to post the newest look that I've done.... aaaahh.. silly me.. :D
I am very exited for this holiday season and I just wanted to create a very festive make-up look that reminds me best of Christmas and New Years ;) Hope you enjoy.