Kiwie Get stoned photoshoot+video

Last week I did make-up and hair for this photoshoot for a t-shirt by KIWIE, a street artist 

Me behind the scenes doing make-up. It was SOO Hard, because it was very cold and I didn't have a proper place to place my kit :P

In the end it all went well and I am very happy with the end result ;)
Oh, and here's the promotion video:

Credits and description:
As Christmas is coming fast, we tracked down Santa and stole a bag full of stoned shirts.. And all other goodies. So feel free to get this stuff herehttp://thekiwie.com/GET-STONED till the start of year 2013.
If this site doesn't work.. Santa found us and we're in deep shit right now. 

Photoshoot By Julia Prohorenkova Photography
Models @Agneshka Rutkovska & Мишка Рыжий
Make-Up & Hair - http://www.kristianazaula.com/

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  1. A huge respect for all those who know the art of makeup. A really helpful blog for people who are totally illiterate in this. Thanks for it!