Inglot AMC eyeliner gel #79 review

Inglot - Gel Eyeliner #79 - http://go.magik.ly/r/kristianathe/9488/

So I went to Baltic Beauty exibition November 2nd. It was very interesting, but my main reason was to purchase some INGLOT stuff ( a polish brand ) for 40% off the original price, as I only had 3 of their products before - 2 eyeshadows and 1 eyeshadow pigment. I am going to show you this gel liner as this is one of my favourite purchases.

I picked up shade #79, which is a bright cool toned classic red. I don't have a gel eyeliner in shade like this in my collection, as I would always use mixing medium to achieve it.

The top was sealed with protective sheet.

The consitency reminds me more like a cream or a mouse type of thing. At one point, applied right, it could be a very staining lipstick or even a blush (they also have pinks).
But of course you have to consider safety if they're even meant for other places. 
Color diversity (formulation is the same for everyone)

 So for this look I used my Charles Fox small eyeliner brush. As you see it doesn't bleed at all and is very vibrant, though i had to put two layers, as it is a bit sheer.. but the finish is very beautiful and matt.

(Inglot #323 eyeshadow on the lid)

It is quite smudge proof. To get it like this (first picture) i really rubbed my finger hard against my hand. And it comes off like tiny grains.
 In the second picture i put it under the water and it really went nowhere. I tried again to smudge it very hard, just then it started to come off.

Intricate design created with Inglot AMC gel eyeliner #79

Overall: Amazing eyeliner for amazing price, definitely will purchase more colors some day. Diversity of uses - can be used as a base for eyeshadows, i will try to use it as a staining lipstick or blush.
 Longetivity - Only will go somewhere if you smudge it really hard, will crumble. 4/5
Texture - Mouse, cream type, doesn't remind me of a gel. Amazing color payoff. 5/5
Blendability, appliance - Had to put two layers of this. Dries in less than 5 minutes. Applies very smoothly. 4/5
Packaging - Very simple, sleek, nice packaging. I liked that it had a protective seal. 5/5
Price - I got it for 8-9$ for 0.19 oz, in USA it costs 12$ for 0.19 oz, in Poland price is very cheap. (different prices everywhere)


  1. es paņēmu tumši lillā toni (52 vai 53)

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