NEW MUG eyeshadow swatches & lipstick review

Hi everybody! I am back with another review, this time it will be only swatches and a little description of the eyeshadow, but I wil do a review for MUG lipsticks.

Let's start with the shadows. You can read my previous review HERE.

(The packaging. Very  convenient.)

Here are all the eyeshadows I received. Top row are my favourites, and so on. I want to mention that there were no bad ones, as I think that MUG eyeshadows are simply amazing , considering price and other good features.
I based my favourites on creaminess and unique-ness of the colour.

(back side with all the names)

(one sweep swatches, with NO base. Some of them are just wonderful)

With all the names and the REAL swatches with a base.

They're pretty much amazing. Check them out HERE

...And now on to the lipsticks...
The packaging- very beautiful, I just love the little details like that, it shows how much effort they've made to make them.

First of all, I want to say that they're pretty amazing. The texture is very creamy. They're a bit sheerer than I expected, but you can build layers with them.

My favourite one is Innocent - which is a warm tone, nude peach. Absoluteley amazing on my lips! It suited me so well that I got compliments. I have a very fair skin, so i think this is perfect for fair skin girls.

(NAME ALERT!!-this is a swatch of INNOCENT, I made a mistake with title pic)

Famous - on lips , color is not as dark and " violent " as in the tube. It's more like deep magenta color.

Adorable is a warm toned nude-ish pink color, gorgeous aswell.

(NAME ALERT!!-this is a swatch of ADORABLE, I made a mistake with title pic)

The only thing is that they are so creamy - it makes them very fragile, and as it is a very hot summer here in Latvia, they are very ...how to say...melty-like and it's easy to brake them. I broke Adorable and Innocent at the bottom of the stick, so I had to depot them.

So here is the conclusion:

Texture - They are extremely creamy, bit melty-like. Other than that, they applied beautifully.  4/5
Packaging -  I'm a sucker of thoughtful packaging, so i will give 5/5
Price/value - Website says that it is 7.99$ for 4 grams / 0.14 oz , which is a very reasonable, even small price. Here in Latvia, it is almost impossible to buy a beautiful lipstick with that price.  Maybe a bit too pricey for some of you. (adressin' US, Canada and Rest of the world) as you have more choice on those drugstore brands 5/5
Longetivity - Stayed on me very well, didn't bleed or smudge. I used lip pencils underneath. 4/5

BUY EM HERE....Stay tuned for the looks... :)

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