Bourjois Paris Healthy Mix Concealer Review and Swatches

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Hi everyone! I am back with another review - this time it's about Bourjois Paris Healthy Mix ConcealerI've heard many good things about this concealer, so as I went to my local drugstore, I was pleasantly suprised. The usual price would be something between 15 or 16$(for 10ml). This thingy is a bit cheaper in UK (7-8£), so I saw that there's 50% discount on it- in the end I got it for $ 7.50 only. Amazing!

Bourjois claims:
 "Bourjois’ new Healthy Mix fruit-therapy correcting concealer
 smoothes away dark circles and imperfections for a visibly rested and radiant look.
Apricot - radiance
Raspberry- micro-circulation
Melon - hydration
Its exquisite and glide-on formula blends onto the skin for a natural result, with no marks.
Available in 3 natural anti-dull complexion shades, to reboost the complexion's radiance.
And.. it's good for my skin:
· Moisturising
· Lets skin breathe, oil-free formula
· Dermatologically tested"

I agree. The feeling is very smooth and moisturizing, blendability is quite impressive!
I got it in shade #51 - light radiance. They offer only three shades - light, medium, dark.

 On my dark circles:

 Four little taps on the problem area:

I used a brush from Sigma Precision kit. First I evened the concealer out with tapping motions, then blended and tapped out with my fingertips, as it gave more natural appearance.

One layer wasn't enough, as I have very noticable, blue-ish dark circles.

 In this close-up picture you can see that concealer goes into the fine lines, but still it performs great!

I tried two layers. Came out better.

After two layers and a transluscent powder. The feeling -  It won't go anywhere, for at least 8 hours.

Overall: You have to put two layers. This didn't cover enough for me, but I like the lightness, consistency, moisturizing feeling of this. It has a bit of smell to it, but I don't mind any smells usually. 
I will be definitely trying this out for a whole day and will see how it stays on. 
Also you have to set it with the powder. It is pretty matt, but I just make it more bulletproof like that. This concealer is definitely great for summer!
 Longetivity - I am guesing. The feeling was that it won't go anywhere for at least 8 hours ( with my transluscent powder on) Will try that out and update. ;)
Blendability - It blends amazing. The best way- fingertips. You can also use beauty blender or a brush, but I find that with fingertips - it looks more natural. 4/5
Packaging - Very simple, nice packaging, nothing too fancy or special. I didn't like the way it goes out, the nozzle splashes out too much of the product. I would like it better if the nozzle would be like this: 3/5

Price/Value - In my opinion - great value!  The usual price - 15 or 16$(for 10ml). UK (7-8£). I got it for $ 7.50 only. Amazing! 5/5
Texture - very creamy, soft, blendable. Light coverage, I expected a bit more. 4/5


  1. I like it! My Ulta used to have that brand, but then it went away. I wouldn't mind trying that concealer.

  2. Seems like a good concealer and is priced well.

    Boston Princess

  3. thanks for sharing! check out mine!