Villains. Maleficent

My inspiration for this look was villain Maleficent from Disney movie - Sleeping beauty.
I created this as a challenge for www.temptalia.com page. In this look I interpreted colors like purple, green and red, as it was on Maleficent. With the help of a stencil, on the forhead, I created stylized black horns to represent the ones that she had.


  1. Gorgeous, the colors are picture perfect and so evocative of her villainous stare. Brilliant!

  2. Simply perfect!!!

  3. Who the hell told you that you could use my artwork? That vector is MINE. My artwork that I've posted on deviantart. Remove it NOW. I did not give you permission to post it here!

    //RadiantCharizard at deviantart.com

    Link to my original artwork: http://radiantcharizard.deviantart.com/gallery/26760277#/d2pgh75