LIME CRIME PT.2 - The Lip products

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I also received two LIME CRIME lipsticks and a lipgloss.

This is their new Carousel Gloss - I got mine in shade Golden Ticket

This is how the packaging looks like. I think it's very cute.

This is how it looks on the lips: (close-up)

Shade is a very warm metallic gold. Semi-opaque coverage..but still not as opaque I expected..I had to put this on with 2-3 layers, and the result was still the same - very uneven. I suggest to combine this with a lipstick. 

The smell of the lipgloss is not very specific.. it smells like a MAC dazzleglass.

"Carousel Gloss boasts semi-opaque coverage combined with bursts of nebulesque sparkle that comes alive in indoor lighting. Cruelty-free/vegan formula glides on smoothly on bare lips or over your favorite lipstick. Each gloss arrives in a sumptuous purple foil box resembling an antique merry-go-round."

Texture - I'd say it's more sticky than creamy. I had problems with applying it, had to use several layers. 2/5
Packaging - I love the packaging! There is a lot thought put into this, and I guess I am really keen on cute packaging :P 5/5
Price/value - Website says that it is 16.99$ , which is still an average price for a lipgloss - where I come from. I think it is okay. 3/5
Longetivity - It wears off in about an hour or two for me, and it dries my lips. I deeply suggest to use this with a lip balm or a lipstick underneath. 2/5

Overall: I really love this shade! The lipgloss itself is a very average quality.
I will wear this with a lipstick underneath, to ascentuate it. 

 Now about the lipsticks

This is the packaging, which of course I love.

Comparison to the MAC lipstick packaging:

 It is definitely wider and a bit longer.

The shade with a flashlight.

Without the flashlight - IT'S TRUE COLOR

The funny thing is that I own only three MAC lipsticks, and the one I had (Dubbonet)
is a total copy of the Glamour :D

..well not totally, a pro color distinguisher like me - I'd still say that the Lime Crime Glamour is on the warmer / red side, as the Dubbonet is more on the brown side.

this is how it came out on my lips - I really really really love this shade. Mac Dubonnet just doesn't suit that much as the Glamour. I don't know...they look the same..but on the lips..just so much better.. it warms up face.

Okay, now it's turn for the blue one.

 It came a bit spoiled, as the lipstick itself had been scrolled all the way up.

..and here is how it came out on the lips.

 This is a swatch.

For me, personally, this doesn't suit at all, I think I just look like the DIVA from 5th element :D
And I just cannot stress enough that it applied just horribly.. It is not opaque at all. Had to put this with 3-4 layers. Other than that it is extremely creamy and the shade is pretty unique!! As you see in the swatch, it looks so pretty on the hand.. so MAYBE, I don't know.. my lips just didn't accept it as well as my hand :D


Texture - It is very creamy. I had problems with No she didn't...I had to use several layers.  But with the Glamour - only about 2 layers. I will give an average 3/5
Packaging - again - "I love the packaging! There is a lot thought put into this, and I guess I am really keen on cute packaging :P " 5/5
Price/value - Website says that it is 15.99$ , which is still anaverage price for a lipstick for me.. Maybe a bit too pricey for some of you... 2/5
Longetivity - Didn't test that part yet, but they hardly came of from my hand and lips, using just a tissue..which is good I guess ;)

Overall: I really love the Glamour shade! I will definitely keep using it! As for No she didn't - it's not for me, but hey, I will use it in one of my crazy looks :D

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