LIME CRIME PT.1. + China Doll palette review + swatches

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So, Lime Crime make-up contacted me few weeks ago and gave me the opportunity to receive some of their products. I received this package the day before yesterday and just wanted to share with you my opinion on their make-up. So here it is :)

This is the package it came in

I didn't have a paper knife so I just ripped the shit out of this box :D

5 products: China Doll eyeshadow palette, Carousel gloss, 2 lipsticks, 1 Sample eye primer

A very shiny sticker

Ok, the first thing I must say - I just love this primer! It is very creamy and soft. The consistency is great - not as sheer as UD classic primer potion - not as thick asother lip and eye primers..it's right in between. As I don't own the famous Too Faced eye insurance, but I tested a sample of it about a half a year ago, and I can say - this remined me of it.

and this is their China Doll palette, at first - it reminds me of those preschool watercolor palettes.. I don't know, maybe because of the metallic case
they're in... or the colors..

This is just with one sweep, no base.

With their Lime Crime base, swatches with names. Amazing color payoff. They are so pigmented!

Jade-o-Lade : Deep moss green; teal-ish green. Matt finish, tiny sparkle flex (very very tiny)

Goldfish : True gold . Shimmer, satin finish with sparkle flex

Parasol : Baby blue. Matt finish, tiny sparkle flex (very very tiny)

Fly dragon fly : True red. Matt , with satin-y finish. Tiny sparkle flex (very very tiny)

Lotus noir (looks gray in the picture, just because of the flashlight) : True black. Matt finish,tiny sparkle flex (very very tiny)

Longetivity - amazing. The waterproof base makes them almost indestructable..maybe even a bit tooo hard-to-get of :D . 5/5
Blendability - As you will see in my further post, as i created a look with this. Every shadow blends amazing, but I had a bit struggle with Lotus noir. 4/5
Packaging - Well, the design of the packaging - it's a matter of taste. As I said, it remined me of those old watercolor palettes that I had in the kindergarten, so I had a positive feeling about this. 4/5
Price/Value - I checked , in the website it says - 34.99$ for 5 eyeshadows(1.3 gr each) , so that sums up for 7$ for a eyeshadow, which is NOT bad. 5/5
Texture - very creamy, soft, not powdery(Parasol is a bit powdery), quality is amazing. 4/5

I really recommend this palette to anyone who wants a palette of great quality bright eyeshadows!
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  1. I want that palette so bad! Thank you for the swatches! :D

  2. I love it.. Those colors are super pigmented :D