Villains. Maleficent

My inspiration for this look was villain Maleficent from Disney movie - Sleeping beauty.
I created this as a challenge for www.temptalia.com page. In this look I interpreted colors like purple, green and red, as it was on Maleficent. With the help of a stencil, on the forhead, I created stylized black horns to represent the ones that she had.


Overall + look

Ok, I have written a ton today...just posting a look that I made with the lovely Lime Crime China Doll pallete. 

What I can say in overall about this company or their make-up. 
I think it's beautiful how much effort they put in to the design and packaging.. props to that...because I know that there is a huge drama around the Lime Crime...
 but I don't get it.. how people expect to have lower prices, with such a beautiful and well thought silhouette of the company ( I mean the graphic design) or even the packaging - it takes time and huge money resources to design just a cardboard box ( for some very insignificant) , believe me  - I know, I study at a design school. :D
In other words - I really loved the China Doll palette, the LC primer and Glamour lipstick..it's worth to check out. ;)

 On the brown eyes:

LIME CRIME PT.2 - The Lip products

purchase HERE

I also received two LIME CRIME lipsticks and a lipgloss.

This is their new Carousel Gloss - I got mine in shade Golden Ticket

This is how the packaging looks like. I think it's very cute.

This is how it looks on the lips: (close-up)

Shade is a very warm metallic gold. Semi-opaque coverage..but still not as opaque I expected..I had to put this on with 2-3 layers, and the result was still the same - very uneven. I suggest to combine this with a lipstick. 

The smell of the lipgloss is not very specific.. it smells like a MAC dazzleglass.

"Carousel Gloss boasts semi-opaque coverage combined with bursts of nebulesque sparkle that comes alive in indoor lighting. Cruelty-free/vegan formula glides on smoothly on bare lips or over your favorite lipstick. Each gloss arrives in a sumptuous purple foil box resembling an antique merry-go-round."

Texture - I'd say it's more sticky than creamy. I had problems with applying it, had to use several layers. 2/5
Packaging - I love the packaging! There is a lot thought put into this, and I guess I am really keen on cute packaging :P 5/5
Price/value - Website says that it is 16.99$ , which is still an average price for a lipgloss - where I come from. I think it is okay. 3/5
Longetivity - It wears off in about an hour or two for me, and it dries my lips. I deeply suggest to use this with a lip balm or a lipstick underneath. 2/5

Overall: I really love this shade! The lipgloss itself is a very average quality.
I will wear this with a lipstick underneath, to ascentuate it. 

 Now about the lipsticks

This is the packaging, which of course I love.

Comparison to the MAC lipstick packaging:

 It is definitely wider and a bit longer.

The shade with a flashlight.

Without the flashlight - IT'S TRUE COLOR

The funny thing is that I own only three MAC lipsticks, and the one I had (Dubbonet)
is a total copy of the Glamour :D

..well not totally, a pro color distinguisher like me - I'd still say that the Lime Crime Glamour is on the warmer / red side, as the Dubbonet is more on the brown side.

this is how it came out on my lips - I really really really love this shade. Mac Dubonnet just doesn't suit that much as the Glamour. I don't know...they look the same..but on the lips..just so much better.. it warms up face.

Okay, now it's turn for the blue one.

 It came a bit spoiled, as the lipstick itself had been scrolled all the way up.

..and here is how it came out on the lips.

 This is a swatch.

For me, personally, this doesn't suit at all, I think I just look like the DIVA from 5th element :D
And I just cannot stress enough that it applied just horribly.. It is not opaque at all. Had to put this with 3-4 layers. Other than that it is extremely creamy and the shade is pretty unique!! As you see in the swatch, it looks so pretty on the hand.. so MAYBE, I don't know.. my lips just didn't accept it as well as my hand :D


Texture - It is very creamy. I had problems with No she didn't...I had to use several layers.  But with the Glamour - only about 2 layers. I will give an average 3/5
Packaging - again - "I love the packaging! There is a lot thought put into this, and I guess I am really keen on cute packaging :P " 5/5
Price/value - Website says that it is 15.99$ , which is still anaverage price for a lipstick for me.. Maybe a bit too pricey for some of you... 2/5
Longetivity - Didn't test that part yet, but they hardly came of from my hand and lips, using just a tissue..which is good I guess ;)

Overall: I really love the Glamour shade! I will definitely keep using it! As for No she didn't - it's not for me, but hey, I will use it in one of my crazy looks :D

purchase HERE

LIME CRIME PT.1. + China Doll palette review + swatches

Purchase HERE
So, Lime Crime make-up contacted me few weeks ago and gave me the opportunity to receive some of their products. I received this package the day before yesterday and just wanted to share with you my opinion on their make-up. So here it is :)

This is the package it came in

I didn't have a paper knife so I just ripped the shit out of this box :D

5 products: China Doll eyeshadow palette, Carousel gloss, 2 lipsticks, 1 Sample eye primer

A very shiny sticker

Ok, the first thing I must say - I just love this primer! It is very creamy and soft. The consistency is great - not as sheer as UD classic primer potion - not as thick asother lip and eye primers..it's right in between. As I don't own the famous Too Faced eye insurance, but I tested a sample of it about a half a year ago, and I can say - this remined me of it.

and this is their China Doll palette, at first - it reminds me of those preschool watercolor palettes.. I don't know, maybe because of the metallic case
they're in... or the colors..

This is just with one sweep, no base.

With their Lime Crime base, swatches with names. Amazing color payoff. They are so pigmented!

Jade-o-Lade : Deep moss green; teal-ish green. Matt finish, tiny sparkle flex (very very tiny)

Goldfish : True gold . Shimmer, satin finish with sparkle flex

Parasol : Baby blue. Matt finish, tiny sparkle flex (very very tiny)

Fly dragon fly : True red. Matt , with satin-y finish. Tiny sparkle flex (very very tiny)

Lotus noir (looks gray in the picture, just because of the flashlight) : True black. Matt finish,tiny sparkle flex (very very tiny)

Longetivity - amazing. The waterproof base makes them almost indestructable..maybe even a bit tooo hard-to-get of :D . 5/5
Blendability - As you will see in my further post, as i created a look with this. Every shadow blends amazing, but I had a bit struggle with Lotus noir. 4/5
Packaging - Well, the design of the packaging - it's a matter of taste. As I said, it remined me of those old watercolor palettes that I had in the kindergarten, so I had a positive feeling about this. 4/5
Price/Value - I checked , in the website it says - 34.99$ for 5 eyeshadows(1.3 gr each) , so that sums up for 7$ for a eyeshadow, which is NOT bad. 5/5
Texture - very creamy, soft, not powdery(Parasol is a bit powdery), quality is amazing. 4/5

I really recommend this palette to anyone who wants a palette of great quality bright eyeshadows!
Purchase HERE

FOTD+Nails+Lime Crime preview

Hi everyone! Today I just wanted to show my Face of the day / Make-up of the day. I've been really in love with this MAC Humid eyeshadow, and I decided that I'm going to put it to the "Daily use make-up box". I don't know..I've just have been really into these greens lately.. :D

On the lid: MAC Humid eyeshadow, blended out with Too Faced #Tufted Suede and #Fresh Linen (from Matt eyeshadow palette collection), for the highlight - a Sedona lace palette eyeshadow

...and this is my first attempt to the some type of simple french manicure, it's my first time, so please bare with me ;) White one - OPI Alpine Snow ; top/base coat Rimmel 5in1 Nail treatment

Today went to the post office and got this beautiful package from Lime Crime.
Full review of the products with swatches and a look, hopefully - this weekend.
So please stay tuned - but for now, let's just be amazed by this packaging :D

I ripped the shit out of this box :D