Zircon dragon

This is the newest look.Check out the video too.

I was inspired by my favourite mythical creature, which is a dragon. I basically tried to imitate the main colors that were shown in the picture. I also tried to show the flowiness and grace within the lines on my face, creating unusual shape for the eyes. The rhinestones and feathers were meant to show and enhance a dragon's scales and wings.


the newest look

I got inspired by Egyptian royalty Nefertiti. 
" Nefertiti's place as an icon in popular culture is secure as she has become somewhat of a celebrity. After Cleopatra she is the second most famous "Queen" of Ancient Egypt in the Western imagination and influenced through photographs that changed standards of feminine beauty of the 20th century, and is often referred to as "the most beautiful woman in the world". "

I used so many products, that I really can't list them all. For the base I basically used Illamasqua's Superior liquid metal and over it shadows like Nyx Odyssey and Illamasqua's Alluvium. I used liners from Urban decay(Zero) and liquid one from BH cosmetics, also for the golden part of the eyes I used Illamasqua's Solstice liquid metal, went over with golden shadow from 120 palette.


The Fawn

New video...well a making of.

Watch it here.

..and here is my everyday look for summer..I know pretty bold, but i love it.
Maybe do a tutorial on this? Don't know how many ppls would watch it tho..