Chanel Rouge Allure Laque Dragon no 75 / My first review and swatches!

So I just recently got back from my trip to Hong Kong. I bought a few good items on sale like Chanel and Revlon, but that is another story, as I am SO thrilled for this Rouge Allure Laque Dragon no 75 from Chanel. I've heard many good things about this lipgloss / lipstick, so I am exited to do my first review of it as I just got it in the mail.
The sad thing is that it is now DISCONTINUED..(what?) it's such a great lipstick with it's unique and rich color, so why would Chanel discontinue it?
So hurry if you still want to get this, as there is a few places that still sell it (google is your best friend) OR I found THIS SITE
I personally managed to get it from ebay even with less price than in stores. ($32.00 - 0.20 fl.oz. ; 6ml) bought it only for $29.99.

About Dragon:
From Chanel I expected an incredible quality, because the brand name demands it in any way, and I can truly say that this lipstick has it.
  • It works really well with my fair skin tone .
  • It glides on just perfect and you don't need much amount of a product, because a little goes a long way.
  • It is incredibly pigmented and smooth and it has like a satin, slightly glossy finish.
  • It stains the lip and stays on for a long time, it has amazing wearability.
Although I didn't find it easy to apply it with the tip of the applicator, instead I slided on a tiny amount of Dragon and just used my favourite lip brush to blend it out.

This is a very bold, vibrant, intense and sexy red.
Sophisticated and gorgeous. A true red, if you will.


  1. Tiešām forša un piesātināta krāsa. Un tev ir ļoti skaists smaids un zobi. :)

  2. Tonis man atgādina Illamasqua Succubus.

  3. I'm in love with this one too!


  4. OY Vay!! this color is brilliant!