Kabuki's Katy Perry ET Fawn make up recreation

So, this originally was made for BH cosmetics Celebrity contest:

But I wanted to do this look for so long, because it was my favorite look of Katy Perry's video and I got very exited as I now got the chance to do it!
First, I found this really interesting article about Kabuki ( he's the main make-up artist for this video, I knew about him before, and I really fell in love with his work)
He tells how to recreate this Fawn
"Create the fawn-inspired spots on the forehead and cheek bones with a medium brown cream concealer, a dry consistency works the best," Kabuki explained. "Start with the larger shapes and work outward to the smaller ones. With a brown pencil, outline the shapes. Use a white pencil or liquid liner to continue the shapes under the outer eyebrow."

My technique was a bit diffrent.. I didn't use concealer, but gorgeous Urban decay pencils in Whiskey,Stash and Mildew, which all are just gorgeous. And to create white spots I used of course now a classic - NYX jumbo pencil in Milk.




so here's the Katy Perry

and here's my creation:

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  1. Just wanted you to know that I really love your work and I'm really looking forward to see how you make this blog grow little by little! You are going to be a hit cuz your make-ups are always clean and , nice and original. Keep up the good work. With love and support,

    P.S. Really happy to be the second follower, and to be here with you from the beginning!