Chanel Rouge Allure Laque Dragon no 75 / My first review and swatches!

So I just recently got back from my trip to Hong Kong. I bought a few good items on sale like Chanel and Revlon, but that is another story, as I am SO thrilled for this Rouge Allure Laque Dragon no 75 from Chanel. I've heard many good things about this lipgloss / lipstick, so I am exited to do my first review of it as I just got it in the mail.
The sad thing is that it is now DISCONTINUED..(what?) it's such a great lipstick with it's unique and rich color, so why would Chanel discontinue it?
So hurry if you still want to get this, as there is a few places that still sell it (google is your best friend) OR I found THIS SITE
I personally managed to get it from ebay even with less price than in stores. ($32.00 - 0.20 fl.oz. ; 6ml) bought it only for $29.99.

About Dragon:
From Chanel I expected an incredible quality, because the brand name demands it in any way, and I can truly say that this lipstick has it.
  • It works really well with my fair skin tone .
  • It glides on just perfect and you don't need much amount of a product, because a little goes a long way.
  • It is incredibly pigmented and smooth and it has like a satin, slightly glossy finish.
  • It stains the lip and stays on for a long time, it has amazing wearability.
Although I didn't find it easy to apply it with the tip of the applicator, instead I slided on a tiny amount of Dragon and just used my favourite lip brush to blend it out.

This is a very bold, vibrant, intense and sexy red.
Sophisticated and gorgeous. A true red, if you will.


Poison dart soda

Inspired by this photo of a poison dart frog.

Just a preview of the upcoming video! This is the last video until middle of december, because I'm going on a long trip! Also got a new camera! I think the quality's really nice, isn't it?


Gradient lips

Transition / Gradient / Ombre lips

Ok, the video is almost up, but here's just more pictures and info..like products I used and other good stuff ;)

Products used:
Urban Decay black eyeliner pencil ZERO
Illamasqua lipstick DISCIPLE
Gosh lip liner pencil VELVET TOMATO
17 lipstick HOT CHILLI
Urban Decay glide on pencil ELDORADO
Victoria Secret lipgloss MY CHERRY AMOUR
Benefit lipgloss ZONE OUT

The thing is that these lips can be very versatile, you can use whatever colors you want .. two, three even four.. it's up to you if you want a matt look or maybe add a gloss.
The thing is it's not very wearable of course if you play in neutrals, but I prefer to keep it simple on the eyes anyways, that's why I "bleached" out my brows and just added some vaseline on the lids, to make them look glossy.
I think this look is more editorial than I expected.. oh and dramatic eyelashes..they always suit just about anything . Anyways.. blending is the key. With a good lip brush, do more like small strokes and take your time!


Feathered Vampire look for Masquerade/Halloween

Feathered Vampire look for Masquerade/Halloween

Just a sneak peek of the upcoming tutorial, exclusive only for this blog ;)


Owl inspired mask

Owl inspired.

So, here's newest of my works. Of course it is a contest entry, but I wanted to do this type of mask for so long!..and also there's tutorial coming up for this!!

Main product that I used for this look is this wonderful Illamasqua's Liquid metal palette #02, it came out from their Art of Darkness collection. I've been using this quad in so many looks, it creates a really beautiful finish under eye shadows.


Kabuki's Katy Perry ET Fawn make up recreation

So, this originally was made for BH cosmetics Celebrity contest:

But I wanted to do this look for so long, because it was my favorite look of Katy Perry's video and I got very exited as I now got the chance to do it!
First, I found this really interesting article about Kabuki ( he's the main make-up artist for this video, I knew about him before, and I really fell in love with his work)
He tells how to recreate this Fawn
"Create the fawn-inspired spots on the forehead and cheek bones with a medium brown cream concealer, a dry consistency works the best," Kabuki explained. "Start with the larger shapes and work outward to the smaller ones. With a brown pencil, outline the shapes. Use a white pencil or liquid liner to continue the shapes under the outer eyebrow."

My technique was a bit diffrent.. I didn't use concealer, but gorgeous Urban decay pencils in Whiskey,Stash and Mildew, which all are just gorgeous. And to create white spots I used of course now a classic - NYX jumbo pencil in Milk.




so here's the Katy Perry

and here's my creation: